About Us

Vedic Bliss, as a business, has evolved out of our passion for Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet that we have been following ourselves as well as recommending our clients who come looking for answers for their health problems.

We are a team of husband and wife, who took over a health shop in Coventry, United Kingdom, in 2008 and introduced Ayurvedic products (which has been their passion) to the existing range which became quite popular very quickly. People from all walks of life came looking for answers to their health problems and we used to helpe them with not only Herbal remedies/supplements but also advised them about the importance of Diet & Lifestyle according to Ayurvedic principles. This approach was well received by our customers and soon Vedic Bliss was formed as an extension to our health shop where we started giving Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle Consultations as well as provide Ayurvedic Treatments for speedy healing. 

Kewal has 27 years experience in Ayurvedic Consultations and has been learning from his Masters (Gadhala wala Vaidyas)  who are Traditional "Vaidyas" (Ayurvedic Practitioners) and are very well known in India and abroad.

Besides Ayurved, Kewal has been learning and practicing Classical Yog from mentors like "Mahant Bholagiri" (a saint in Naga Tradition with Juna Dashnaam Akhada lineage) who taught Kewal Ancient Indian Philosophies like Samkhya and Vedanta and Bhakti and Kriya Yog, and Umakant Dave (accomplished yogi who taught Kewal Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yog). 

Our mission is to spread the knowledge of Ancient Indian system of Ayurved and Yog  among people help them live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

This website is designed to promote our passion and business across the globe so people interested in Ayurvedic products and services can find us. We aim to source best quality Ayurvedic Herbs and foods from Indian and other parts of the world and provide our clients those products at reasonable prices.