What is Ayurved and how can it help us in living healthily and h

What is Ayurved and how can it help us in living healthily and h
4 March, 2020

Ayurved is an Ancient Indian healing system which incorporates various sciences and systems to prevent as well as treat any health condition. For example, Ayurved prescribes a fivefold approach to live healthily – Diet, Lifestyle, Herbs, Massages and Yog & Pranayam. If a person adapts the recommendations of Ayurvedic lifestyle, they have better chance of avoiding a particular health problem. If someone has a health problem, adapting Ayurvedic fivefold approach helps eliminate the root cause of the problem which results into long term solution to the health problem rather than just a symptomatic relief.

In modern times, we are living a hectic and stressful life which has its implications on our health and wellbeing.

This, as we have witnessed in recent times, leads to various lifestyle related conditions as well as the feeling of unfulfilled life which also has an impact of emotional and mental health.

Ayurved emphasises on Prevention and maintaining good health and that is the best way in my opinion. According to Ayurvedic system, Our Digestive system is the CORE of our life and health. If we can understand how to eat to keep our Digestive system happy, we can enjoy sound health and wellbeing all the time.

To understand what kind of Digestive system you have, you have to become more aware of how you feel after eating. There are a few factors that can affect your ability to digest the food. For example, your digestive system might not like certain foods and you feel unwell after eating those foods. Keep a note of such factors and try to avoid foods that make you feel unwell. Most common foods that are known to slow down digestion are Refined Flour, Red Meat, Stale food, excessive Dairy products and refined sugars. Just by avoiding those foods, most people start feeling better in just a few days that is our own experience with many of our clients over the years.

Cleansing is another great method to maintaining/ achieving good health. Every so often, our bodies need cleansing just like our homes do.  There are some great classical Ayurvedic herbs for cleansing like Triphala, Chyawanaprash, Haritaki etc. Cleansing the body leads to more energy levels, alertness, lightness and enthusiasm.

Massages are also great way to maintain good health and treat a particular health condition.  Ayurvedic massages and treatments are developed to give efficient results using Specialised Ayurvedic Oils, Boluses (Bags), Steams, Powders and pastes.

Lifestyle based on Ayurvedic principles can help you enjoy good health and vitality and prevent many health conditions that are linked with Lifestyles.

Yog & Pranayam(breathing exercise) are great tools to health and vitality and do not cost a fortune. All you need to do is dedicate a fixed amount of time each day to practice some Yogic postures, exercises and breathing. It is well established fact that Yog and Pranayam are effective in managing Stress, Anxiety, Poor sleep and many other health problems.

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